4 Things and 1 Prediction in Week 9 of 2013

1. Jay and I were sitting in the church this morning thinking about Go Texan Day.  You know we’re going to have to add some chairs to our new arrangement for Sunday.  We expect a lot of friends and guest to be in attendance and so we are going to make sure we have enough seats.  You might have to “scrunch up” a bit (that’s a technical term meaning to leave no empty seats between you and your neighbor).  We’ll even leave some room at the back just in case our ushers need to bring in a few extra seats.

2. Watched the Academy Awards last night after church.  It was weird because it look like the Life of Pi was going to sweep the major awards and then the last three went to three different movies.  Daniel Day Lewis definitely deserved best actor for Lincoln, though there were several deserving nominees.  I liked Jennifer Lawrence in Silver LInings Playbook but it looked like she was more surprised than anybody to win best actress.  Definitely liked Argo and I’m happy it won, but Lincoln was also amazing.  I was disappointed that Steven Spielberg didn’t win best director.

3. The area continues to grow around us, with new schools opening almost every year.  I think we need to focus our attention as a church on reaching these new families moving in and especially the children.  As a church, we need to do as many things as possible to get as many children as possible on our campus as often as possible.  This may be in festivals, camps, sports leagues, mother’s day out programs or any other myriad of ways, but we need to focus on getting the children here.  If the children come, the parents will follow.  We’ll be proposing several different things over the next few weeks as we look to the best ways to reach our area.

4. Church workday is coming up in a few weeks.  March 16th is the designated Saturday to clean up, fix up and get ready for Easter Sunday.  Please set aside the morning or afternoon to come help.  Like a home, every church has a list of honey do’s that need to be addressed.  We’ve got a list and there is something that everyone can do to help.

5. I predict the Rockets and Mavs will make the NBA playoffs, narrowly eliminating the Lakers.  I predict this in spite of the Mavs loss to the Lakers on Sunday.  The Lakers are too shaky as a franchise and too likely to fall apart from within.

5 Things in Week 4 of 2013

1. We had a great time this weekend with DNow and Sunday worship and activities.  Julie and I had a great time with the 10 boys at our house this weekend.  They were a pleasure to be around and I liked having the sounds of grunts in the home.  🙂  Sunday was also really enjoyable.  I thought Mike and the guys did a wonderful job of leading us in worship.  I also enjoyed our deacons meeting together Sunday afternoon and our preparation for the AWANA Gran Prix Sunday night.  Can’t wait for February 17th and the Gran Prix.

2. Julie and the girls were in Austin Sunday evening watching “The Lion King” on the musical stage.  Julie said it was a very good production and they had a great time together for this long weekend.  It’s probably my favorite animated movie.  Probably because of the one line late in the movie when the vision of Musfasa appears to young Simba and says, “You are more than you have become.”  What a great line!  Isn’t it true of most of us who know the Savior?  We have been redeemed by the Savior, infilled by the Spirit and called by the God of the universe, and yet we so often live small lives.  “We are more than we have become.”

3. Lots of activities coming up in the life of Spring Creek Baptist Church over the next several weeks, beginning with the annual Chili Bowl the Saturday before the Super Bowl.  Also in February is the AWANA Gran Prix.  It’ll be on Sunday night, February 17th.  We will suspend our Intersection classes on that night as we all celebrate together the fast a”car”mplishments of our AWANA kids.  And then March starts off the first Sunday with Go Texan Day.  These are all great opportunities to invite friends and neighbors to join us for a good time.

4. The Good Friday Play is returning.  For the past several years we have joined with Spring Baptist and True Vine Missionary Baptist in a cooperative worship experience on Good Friday.  I’ve decided this year to go back to what had become a tradition in our church, the Good Friday Play.  We will have practices on Sunday afternoons beginning February 3rd and the performance will be on Good Friday, March 29th.  I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the talents of several of those in our church who know how to ham it up a bit.  More info will be coming soon.

5. This is the opening paragraph of an editorial written by a friend of mine, Kelly Boggs: “A New Jersey school board terminated a longtime substitute teacher on Jan. 15 because he shared a Bible verse in the course of a conversation with a student. After sharing the verse, the teacher offered the student a New Testament, which the student accepted.”
I believe we are in grave danger as a nation when we begin to act with impunity toward the people of God when the people of God are doing nothing more than living our their faith.  This is a dangerous position for any nation to be in and our nation most certainly should not expect to be exempt from the same judgments that have befallen other nations in world history who have been so overtly antagonistic to the gospel.  Read the rest of the article here.

5 Things in Week 45 of 2012

1. Feeling pretty good this week after my surgery last Wednesday.  They removed two loose pieces of cartilage from my right knee and cleaned up a lot of other “wear and tear” damage around the knee.  I’m glad I was able to stand and preach Sunday without pain and everything feels fine today.  I’m still doing some stretching, regaining range of motion, and working on strengthening my knee.  The ice pack is my friend.  🙂  Hope to be back on the golf course by the end of the week.  Thanks to Dr. Carl Cannon of Woodlands Sports Medicine for some solid work!

2. Big week in politics and our nation with the presidential vote tomorrow (Tuesday).  It will be interesting to see how close the polls are to the actual results.  Will anyone remember the poll reports once the vote is actually counted?  What should we say if a poll has completely missed the results?  I think they should have to report accuracy data for the next four years every time an organization publishes a poll.  For instance, if a CNN poll is off by 5% this year, then every CNN poll for the next four years should be accompanied by that fact.  It would help us gauge the veracity/accuracy of a polling organization and also discourage them from fudging their numbers to create a narrative.

3. Sunday is Veterans Day and we will recognize the holiday at Spring Creek by receiving a special offering for the Wounded Warriors Project.  This Sunday, in addition to your regular offering, you can contribute to the Wounded Warriors Project by designating “mission” offering.  All money designated for “missions” this Sunday will be sent directly to the Wounded Warriors.

4. Went to “Here Comes the Boom” this weekend with Julie.  It’s an enjoyable movie with some funny parts.  It’s not put together really well, the story doesn’t exactly flow.  I have a feeling there must’ve been a lot left in the editing booth because at a couple of points the story skips ahead and you feel like there was no transition.  So it’s not the funniest movie around but it is enjoyable.  Probably a rental or Netflix movie at best.

5. Going to Austin this weekend to see our youngest daughter Courtney and go to the UT/Iowa St game.  It’s amazing how cheap the tickets get when the team isn’t doing so well.  Though I am glad both that Texas beat the Red Raiders this week and that I purchased my tickets before the game started.  My guess is the price went up Saturday night.  We’ll be back Saturday night to get rested up for Sunday.  If you’re around I hope you’ll make plans to be at Spring Creek this Sunday morning. It’ll be great.

5 Things in Week 42 of 2012

1. Today is a tough day.  Beverly Gregory passed away this morning.  Beverly was a great friend to me and my family.  When we first moved to Spring she became a surrogate grandparent to our girls whose real grandparents lived hours away.  When we had to give an emergency contact number to the schools of someone besides us who could pick up our girls, it was Beverly.  She loved the Lord, loved her church and she loved our family.  I will always have fond memories of sitting in her living room visiting with Beverly and E.T..  They have left a wonderful lasting legacy of faithfulness behind them.  Their kids, grandkids and great grandkids are blessed having had these two at the head of their family.

2. Nothing seems to fit at number 2 this week.

3. This Sunday night we are having our Quarterly Ice Cream Business meeting at 7 pm.  We started having ice cream business meetings in the summer many years ago.  That was back when we had monthly business meetings.  When we made the move to quarterly business meetings the one stipulation asked for in the meeting was that we have still have ice cream when we met.  So it is that at each of our business meetings we serve ice cream.

4. The Fall Festival is coming up in less than two weeks now.  I’m pretty excited about it.  We’ll be having it off campus again this year at Kaufman Elementary in the Imperial Oaks subdivision.  Our candy collection is going great and almost all of the volunteers spots are filled.  Check the board this week to see where you can help.

5. Courtney and I are participating in the 2012 version of the UT Baptist Student Ministry Jar Wars.  This is an annual fundraiser for summer and semester student missions.  You can help send students on mission and help Courtney and I to victory by sending a check made out to the UT BSM with “2014” in the memo.  This will ensure that our team gets acknowledged for your gift and that you can get a tax deduction from the BSM.  Thanks for supporting student missions.

5 Things in Week 38 of 2012

1. I’ve been a Dallas Cowboy fan my entire life, but it’s been hard the past several years. I like Jason Garrett as the coach and I’m a fan of Tony Romo and many of the other players, but at some point you’d think they would perform with some kind of consistency. It was hard watching them this past week. The only good thing was that I was watching on the DVR so I could fast forward through so much of the ineptitude.

2. I don’t know if Paul ever actually set foot on the island of Crete. He “left” Titus in Crete to straighten out the churches. It seems that Paul may have been there with Titus and then left him behind to do the work. If so, when. Luke makes no record of it, except when he records their travels around the island in Acts 27. So maybe he went there without Luke, after Acts was written. Hmmm…

3. Bourne Legacy was worth the money to see it at the theater. Definitely requires having seen the other movies to get what is going on. Spoiler Alert: I thought it was neat how they set this movie in the same time frame as the third one. That’s a great take for a sequel that has so many new characters in prime roles.

4. Really enjoyed the Men’s Bible Study on Monday night. We’re going through Romans 8. What a great chapter of the Bible. So much depth of thought and right examination of real life. And the statements of truth are compelling. Any guys who want can join us next Monday @ 6:30 @ my house.

5. Julie and I spent this past weekend in Galveston enjoying our 23rd wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Hotel Galvez (I highly recommend it) Friday and Saturday nights. Relaxed by the pool, had some great meals and just enjoyed being away together. I am greatly blessed to have such a wonderful wife who loves me without reservation. And we have been twice blessed by great daughters who love us, one another and the Lord.

It’s SUMMER!!!!

Of course that means different things to different people. Some are happy, school is out! Some are disappointed, school is out!

For the church it means that life gets real busy. We’ve got two camps, Camp Creek, and two mission trips in nine weeks. Not to mention lots of other activities and some new stuff.

“New stuff?” you say. Why yes. Four to be exact. We’ll list them in chronological order:
1. June 20 & 27 Jason Rees will be leading a Wednesday night study for college students and singles on budgeting, staying out of debt, and everything else to be money wise. Get your college students to this two week seminar. It will PAY great dividends in the future.

2. July 1 we are going to do a new Camp Creek follow-up outreach. We’ll need lots of you to bake homemade cookies. That Sunday afternoon/evening we will deliver a dozen homemade cookies to every unchurched family whose kids came to Camp Creek and every family whose child makes a profession of faith. Afterwards we’ll come back to the church for reports, prayer and then fellowship.

3. July 15, Sunday morning, we will have our first Men’s Breakfast of the summer. I can already smell the bacon cooking.

4. July 22 we will have a church fellowship in the evening with a prayer time for the group going to London and we will also be observing the Lord’s Supper together.

Like I said, lots of stuff and lots of new stuff this summer. It’s going to be fun, don’t miss any of it!

Thanks for Good People

Thank God for good people. Yesterday Dr. James Mantooth was more than ready to step in for me with my ailing voice. James did a great job of sharing God’s truth with us from Acts 1. One part that really spoke to me was the truth about the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. He is the same Spirit present in Paul, Moses and Billy Graham. He can do through me even greater things if I will totally yield to Him.

Thanks also for Mark Woods. Mark came over from Spring Baptist to share with our Men’s group about Men’s Fraternity. I appreciate his passion and enthusiasm for this ministry and I’m really looking forward to the things God will do with this in our future.

Thanks be to God for His good people.