It’s Camp Creek Week at SCBC

We’ve got a great crowd of kids here at Spring Creek this week for our annual Camp Creek.  It’s amazing to see the kids get so enthused singing the songs and they have been really attentive to the teaching times.  Of course some of them are familiar with the songs because they’ve been to VBS somewhere else this summer already.  But even these kids are having a good time experiencing the Spring Creek version of VBS on steroids we call “Camp Creek.”

Almost as much fun as watching the kids is watching all the leaders get into the songs and motions.  Our adult and youth leaders have been outstanding this week.  Especially in the afternoon when our youth pretty much run the entire show.  They have done a great job with the kids, even when we had to scramble the schedule because of yesterday’s rain.

Tomorrow we will be sharing the gospel and asking the kids to make decisions for Christ.  Would you join us in praying for the kids tomorrow, and through the rest of the week.  We hope to see many come to faith tomorrow and many of those baptized on our special baptism day in August.

So if you find yourself with nothing to do this week, even for a few hours, stop on by Spring Creek and join in the fun.  We’ll be here all week!

Blessed are the Peacemakers

Here is my outline for the message I preached yesterday from Matthew 5:9.  I originally intended to preach through verse 12, but it became clear to me that there was way too much material for one message.  So what I preached yesterday was actually only the first point of my original intent.  Come next Sunday to hear the rest of the story.  🙂

1.1 Notes on Peace/Peacemakers
            1.1.1 Not Peace at Any Cost
                        – Purity, Holiness, Truth cannot be sold to buy real peace
                        – Don’t appease or seek unity at any cost
                        – You won’t attain lasting peace by sacrificing truth

             1.1.2 Peace/Peacemaking is Difficult
                        – It is opposed by Satan
                       – Requires Confrontation/Repentance
                        – Sometimes it leaves everyone dissatisfied

            1.1.3 Peace Requires Action
                        – Not a mere wish
                        – Hebrews 12:14; 1 Peter 3:11 – “pursue peace”
                        – Kellogg Pact of 1928 – Outlawed War between Nations

            1.1.4 Peace Requires Spiritual Insight
                        – Addressing a spiritual issue

            1.1.5 Peace is Sometimes Unattainable
                        – Romans 12:18 – “If Possible”

1.2 What does a Peacemaker Look Like?
            – Peaceful Attitude – Not easily ruffled – Patient – Self-controlled

            – Selfless – without an agenda other than peace
                        Without self-interest – Complete impartiality
                        Genuine Love

            – Bravely Working for Peace
                        Willing to step into danger or crisis
                        Willing to confront wrong
                        Not overly concerned to maintain the status quo

1.3 What does a Peacemaker Do?
            – Listen

            – Look for a way to bring about peace
                        – Be positive and active
                        – Be humble about what you can do
                        – Take initiative – start the conversation
                        – Be friendly

            – Spread peace wherever you go
                        – Love others
                        – Be selfless
                        – Be approachable
                        – Be kind
                        – Be generous
                        – Be sympathetic

This is a description of Jesus Christ, the Son of God – and so peacemakers are called sons of God