Prayer Request for the Multi-Site

Over the next many months you will certainly see here the tale of our efforts to reach out through a new campus in Spring Trails.  Just got off the phone with an administrator at Broadway Elementary about using their building for our new site.  The cost is a little more than we expected, but the real need is that CISD rules state that an administrator from the school must be on site while any group is in the building.  This means that we need one of the administrators from Broadway to agree to be on site every Sunday while we are there, from set up to tear down.  Right now that seems to be the only sticking point for us in getting the use of that strategically placed school.  So pray for a resolution.  Pray that someone will be willing to do this, or that the rules will be bent, or that they allow another type of CISD employee to fill that role, or just that God’s will be done.  Maybe we can meet somewhere else.  Maybe one of the other schools will open up.

It’s just a bump, and probably the first of many.  But let’s pray together for God’s Answer.

Mel’s for lunch

Jay McCurry, James Mantooth and I had a great lunch today at Mel’s Country Cafe in Tomball.  Needless to say, one bacon cheeseburger and a basket of onion rings later and I’m ready for pasture.

But before I fell asleep driving home we had a great visit about the multi-site adventure we are on at Spring Creek.  At times it seems that this is still far away, but then reality hits and we know its only a few months till our first preview service and 8 months to launch Sunday.

We settled on a plan of action for right now and the need to put together a calendar to get us to launch Sunday, September 12, 2010.

Get ready to here more about this exciting adventure and to get on board with what God will do in us and through us!