5 Things in Week 39 of 2012

1. What a wonderful weekend at Spring Creek.  I really enjoyed the Finance Seminar on Saturday morning.  I learned that I’ve got some work to do to get my things in proper order.  A tip here and there makes it all worth the investment of time.  We also had a good day Sunday.  I’m really enjoying Sunday nights Men’s Fraternity and I know the ladies are having a good time in their study.  We had almost 30 adults involved in those studies with another 36 kids, youth and adults in AWANA!

2. I’ve been knocking around an idea to write a paper/essay on why democracy is unlikely in a predominantly muslim nation.  My theory is based on the differences in theology between Islam and Christianity.  I believe there are several Islamic theological beliefs that work against democracy while their counterparts in Christianity are a vital support for democracy.  Here is one as an example: Islam imparts little value to the individual compared to the doctrine of soul competency in Christianity.  With little value placed on the individual, Islamic nations tend toward autocratic rule instead of democratic rule.  If you notice, those nations that have some type of democratic rule with Islamic majority populations are relying on a purely secular state.  Christianity places value on the individual and his/her place in the world.  With the Holy Spirit filling believers, Christians believe that every person can contribute to the betterment of the nation.  Therefore, Christianity is more supportive of the nature of a democracy.  Just a thought, there is more to come.

3. Read this interesting article this week in the Houston Chronicle.  Basically the cheerleaders at Kountze High School in Houston decided to have Biblical themes to their football signs this year.  The school superintendent banned the signs but a judge overturned the ban saying the school couldn’t censor speech based on religious content.  Seems odd that a superintendent of schools would rather the cheerleaders make signs that said “Kill the Eagles” instead of signs that said “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Let’s encourage violence instead of Bibilical values.  I think not.

4. Big football weekend coming up with the opening of Big 12 play for my Longhorns.  This weekend we’ll get a better idea of how good the defense is and how improved David Ash is as a quarterback.  On the road in Stillwater is never an easy task.

5. We’re looking for a new show to watch at our house.  We watched the first episode of “Revolution” last week.  Not bad.  An interesting premise.  I’ve got the DVR set to record “Last Resort.”  But I’m glad to see “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” back on and this week is the debut of the new season of “Hawaii Five-O.”  God bless the man who invented the DVR.  That’s the only way to watch TV.  🙂

5 Things for the Week

1. Sunday nights are back!  We had a full night last night with AWANA and Men’s Fraternity kicking off.  And next week we’ll add the Ladies Bible study.  It was lots of fun with some new faces in the evening.  I think this year is going to be one of our best in AWANA as we work hard to reach out to our neighborhood.

2. Football is back!  The first full weekend of football season is almost in the books (2 games tonight).  I love football season.  The weather starts to change, my favorite teams get on the field.  It’s just a great time of year. And it gets even better when the Horns and the Cowboys win!  Of course we feel bad for our Aggie friends whose debut in the SEC looked eerily similar to their days in the Big 12.

3. Of course with the return of football we also get the return of the Monday Night Football Men’s Bible Study.  We’ll meet at my house tonight (Monday) at 6:30.  We’re going to start by working through Romans 8.  Bring a Bible and an appetite!

4. As the father of two band kids, marching season has also gotten into my blood.  The ORHS War Eagle band looked great Thursday night, and they were huge!  Great to see so many students benefiting from the experience of being in a good band.  BTW, last week we bought our airline and hotel for NYC.  Can’t wait to see the band march in the Macy’s parade this Thanksgiving!

5. One of my goals for the week is to find some time to go see “The Bourne Legacy.”  I can’t believe I haven’t seen it already.  I’ve heard is was good and I loved the previous ones.  If you’ve seen it, was it worth the money?  Should I just wait to get it on DVD?  Let me know.

On the Death of Bin Laden

Bin Laden Killed by CIA-Led SEALs Team, Death Hailed as Blow to Al Qaeda – FoxNews.com

It’s a good day for the United States and all those who love peace, freedom and justice.  I know that some are concerned by the spontaneous outbreaks of emotion, even joy that followed the break of this news last night.  But we should be very clear about some facts.

Osama bin Laden was behind the deaths of thousands, both on 9/11 and at many other times over the past several years, including hundreds of muslims.  Additionally, he was unrepentant of any of these acts.  And for those who say we should not rejoice over the death of any of God’s children, bin Laden was not, as far as it can be known, one of God’s children.  Yes, he was a creation of God, but his denial of Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior means that he is not a child of God.  Finally, we should all rejoice when justice is served.  There was no need for a trial, he claimed credit and was given credit.  He was the acknowledged leader of that movement and received his just rewards for that life.  Now he is serving final justice.

We don’t rejoice in vengeance, in the lack of repentance, or the grisly way in which he eventually came to meet the Maker.  But we can rejoice in justice and in victory.  We are in a war that was not our choosing in Afghanistan and we are in this war to win.  Killing bin Laden is a major step toward victory.

To those who worry over the potential retaliation from muslim extremists: weren’t they already trying to kill us before we cared about bin Laden?  Do you think they will now try harder than they have been?  I think that those who live in hatred will use whatever motivation they can find to execute their plans.  We can leave them alone and be hated for ignoring them.  We can help and be hated for imperialism.  We can defend ourselves and be hated for fighting.  Killing bin Laden is just another part of this war and some will use if for their banner, but if it wasn’t that, it would be something else.

Just How Much Do We Know?

Read this interesting article today on macworld.com. In the article is says that “Humankind has stored more than 295 billion gigabytes (or 295 exabytes) of data since 1986.” That’s a lot of information, or at least a lot of stuff pretending to be information.

Here is another quote:

The study, published this week in the Science Express journal, stated that “if a single star is a bit of information, there’s a galaxy of information for every person in the world. But it’s still less than one percent of the information stored in all the DNA molecules of a human being.”

What blows me away is that with all the information stored in the world, it still doesn’t come close to the amount God stored in our DNA. It’s so obvious isn’t it, that we are just the result of a remarkably coincidental series of accidents.