You can Pray for Transform 2015

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Transform 2015 begins in just a few days, we actually leave on Friday, July 10, to go to Rome. We have several things going on during the conference and outreach for which we covet your prayers.

1. We are leading the children’s ministry during the conference for the kids of the leadership coming to Transform.
Jeana McCurry is leading an ever shrinking team (due to illness) of Margie Scurlock and Regan Owens. They will be doing a VBS in the morning and then various other children’s activities in the afternoon and evening. They will have about 20 kids of all ages. These are almost all missionary kids who don’t get the benefit of children’s ministry on a normal basis because few European churches do children’s ministry.
Prayer Needs: For patience, guidance, wisdom, enthusiasm and energy. That the kids will respond to the gospel message and the call to follow beyond relying on the faith of their parents. For opportunities to share ministry with others at the conference.

2. I am part of the leadership team for Transform and my responsibility is organizing the training that happens during the conference. We have about 18 different presenters leading over 20 different workshop/seminars during the week. Organizing, scheduling, facilitating the needs of each presenter as well as the conferees is a large task. Jeana is one of the presenters doing a seminar on children’s ministry.
Prayer Needs: For wisdom, discernment and patience. For each presenter to be able to get their material across, but more importantly to impact the lives of those who have come to the conference. For the conferees to be impacted during the seminars so that they will be more prepared to go on outreach and, more importantly, to go through the rest of their lives. That some would respond to the call to a lifetime of mission activity.

3. Julie and I are leading a team of 8 from the conference in Rome to an outreach in Greece. We will spend just over a week traveling across Greece, walking the steps of Paul, and doing ministry with some of the churches in Greece. Included in our team are three from FBC, Shepherd: Ronnie Seagroves, Lacy Billings and Paige Holden. We also have a young lady (Hailee) from the Atlanta area and two from the Bahamas (Tim and Autumn).
Prayer Needs: For wisdom and safety as we travel through Greece (we’ve seen the turmoil across the country these last few weeks). For God to use us to share the gospel with those we meet whose lives are in constant upheaval. For God to impact the lives of all our team members.

Thank you for praying for us. I believe in prayer and the power of the church calling out to the Creator of the Universe on behalf of fellow believers.

God bless,

Prayer Request for the Multi-Site

Over the next many months you will certainly see here the tale of our efforts to reach out through a new campus in Spring Trails.  Just got off the phone with an administrator at Broadway Elementary about using their building for our new site.  The cost is a little more than we expected, but the real need is that CISD rules state that an administrator from the school must be on site while any group is in the building.  This means that we need one of the administrators from Broadway to agree to be on site every Sunday while we are there, from set up to tear down.  Right now that seems to be the only sticking point for us in getting the use of that strategically placed school.  So pray for a resolution.  Pray that someone will be willing to do this, or that the rules will be bent, or that they allow another type of CISD employee to fill that role, or just that God’s will be done.  Maybe we can meet somewhere else.  Maybe one of the other schools will open up.

It’s just a bump, and probably the first of many.  But let’s pray together for God’s Answer.