Mission Central Podcast – How You Can Help Preserve the Unity in Your Church

There are things we can do to help preserve unity and things we can do to harm unity. Today we begin to look at a list of these actions we can take and attitudes we can have. Everyone in the church is responsible to walk in a way that builds unity in the church. Listen to the list and see how you are doing.

Mission Central Podcast

Things we can do to HELP or HARM unity in our churches:
Putting others first                             Being Selfish or Self-Centered
Generous                                          Stingy
Communicate                                   Hold Secret Meetings
Talk face-to-face                               Talk behind the back
Be Gentle                                          Be Harsh
Forgive                                              Hold Grudges
Ask Forgiveness                               Hard Hearted
Be Gracious                                     Be Demanding
Truth in Love                                    Truth in Anger
Confront Church Bullies                   Give in to Troublemakers
Encourage Others                            Frustrate Others
Optimism                                         Pessimism
Work                                                Complain
Look Outward                                  Look Inward
Look Forward                                  Look Backward
Support Leadership                         Undermine Leadership
Repent                                            Make Excuses

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