5 Thoughts on Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just passing I’ve had some things on my mind.

1. This was my first Father’s Day with no kids at home.  Boo.  However, it did make the call and text I got that much better.  I know that I have been outspoken about enjoying the kids being out of the house and getting closer to being “on their own,” but I do miss them and like them being around.

2. Speaking of the girls, I am extremely proud of Holley and Courtney.  They make it easy to be a proud dad as they venture out to do ministry this summer.  It’s great to know that they are having life changing experiences this summer, seeing the world through different eyes and coming to know so much more about their own walk with Christ.  It is amazing to see your little girls grow up into beautiful young women.

3. Fatherhood is under appreciated in our society.  It didn’t start with Murphy Brown and Dan Quayle, but that moment sure epitomized a movement that has continued to progress in America.  Today over 40% of children are born outside of marriage and many of these to those who have chosen to remain single.  One of the unintended results of exalting the single mother role as a legitimate lifestyle choice instead of an unintended life circumstance is that the role of dads has been diminished.  Men have responded as you might expect, they have abandoned their role as fathers, assuming wrongly that they aren’t needed. 

4. There are lots of kids who need a father figure.  I think one of the hardest and most important role in the world is that of the step-dad or foster dad.  It’s tough to step into a situation where your presence may not be wanted or appreciated and be a father to kids in need.  When your kids are born you begin with a lot of good feeling chips.  These chips can be multiplied by good parenting or thrown away with poor parenting.  But as a step or foster parent you don’t get to start with many chips and earning them is really tough.  Those kids need strong role models, loving care and compassion with principled discipline.  Men in those situations must be willing to earn chips over a long time with principled, loving parenting and forgo the temptation to earn chips with indulgence.

and finally, 5. I love my Dad!

1 thought on “5 Thoughts on Father’s Day

  1. Wonderful and loving words of a Father that has really done a wonderful job as being a father and too, shows you have one of the best father’s in the world.
    Love you,
    Aunt Grace

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