5 Things on April Fool’s Day

1. I decided not to post anything today.  April Fools.  hahahahahahaha

2. What a great weekend we had at Spring Creek.  I really enjoyed Secret Church on Friday night.  Jay and I have done this kind of thing before with youth but this was the first time to do it with mostly adults.  Adults respond completely different than youth.  I loved our sharing time at the end as it became clear to most that we need to be better prepared spiritually to deal with this situation if it were to happen here.  And that we must be vigilant to protect our own freedom to worship before it happens here.

3. It’s April now.  That means there are only a couple of months left before summer.  Wow.  Summer is incredibly busy for us, especially this summer.  My parents and Julie’s parents are each celebrating their 50th wedding anniversaries in June.  We have our youth camp in June and Camp Creek in July.  Lots to get done in the next two months to get ready for the summer.

4. Speaking of ETC Youth Camp.  We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, spiritually growing college students and above to serve on our Posse this year.  Being on the Posse is a great way to spend a week ministering to students.  It’s not the typical ministry you might expect.  It’s hard work behind the scenes for the most part, but it’s highly rewarding as you see God use all that hard work to change the lives of so many students.  If you are interested in joining the Posse go to our website and check out the Posse info there: www.exposedtochrist.com

5. Finally, as a start to the Spring, I found this Spring Word Puzzle.  Download the pdf file and see if you can solve the words.  Have a great week!

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