5 Things in Week 40 of 2012

1. Watched an interesting movie this morning on Netflix, “Beware of Christians.”  It’s a documentary by four college students from Dallas who spend 5 weeks in Europe examining their own Christian faith.  Challenging thoughts on materialism and relationships are interspersed with some funny college antics.  It’s a good show, we might even try to incorporate some of it into our 2013 Student Camp.

2. I laid down a challenge to our AWANA kids last night.  We have averaged about 17 kids each week in AWANA so I challenged them to have at least 20 kids on two of the three nights in October before our Fall Festival.  If they make it, I’ll let be in the booth where they can throw water filled sponges at me.  I hope they make it because I had a great time doing that last year.  🙂

3. The book of Titus is challenging.  Paul puts so much into this short book.  The urgency he writes with is so proper as we find ourselves in the same type of circumstances today.  We have to make a stand against false teaching, false living and shallow Christianity.  Paul challenges Titus and us to be ready because the time is now to live a bold life for Christ.

4. Loved watching the Longhorns make the comeback against OSU on Saturday night.  Even better was to read afterward what quarterback David Ash said about how his faith gave him strength when the situation may have called for panic.  He said he knew that no matter how it turned out, he was secure in his walk with God and that was all that really mattered.

5. Had a good meeting with our Bible Study teachers last night and I’m looking forward to seeing how we can encourage more people to be involved in weekly Bible study.  I firmly believe that being involved in regular weekly Bible study will make a positive difference in your life and the life of your family.  If you don’t have a place yet, there is a place at Spring Creek for you.

2 thoughts on “5 Things in Week 40 of 2012

  1. Thanks Jerry. I’m trying to write at least once a week now. I noticed you’ve got one also. I’ve added it to my links. Great to see the good things going on in west Texas. 🙂

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