The Adjustment Bureau Review

Just got back from watching the new Matt Damon movie, “The Adjustment Bureau.” Really enjoyable movie with action, a love story and plenty of intrigue. It’s an entertaining movie and that is the most important thing to me in a movie.

The really interesting part of this movie is the push and shove between free will and sovereignty. I don’t want to give any of the movie away for those who will go to see it, but it should lead to some interesting conversations afterward. Can we choose or do we just think we are choosing? Not the little things in life, but the big ones. Who we marry, what we do with our lives. All of these can be affected by such small events. Or are they? Is our fate just the summation of the things we were going to choose anyway?

Lots to ponder. 🙂
I’ll give this one a Horn’s Up for overall entertainment value.
4 pulpits out of 5 for Christian Thought.

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