Just How Much Do We Know?

Read this interesting article today on macworld.com. In the article is says that “Humankind has stored more than 295 billion gigabytes (or 295 exabytes) of data since 1986.” That’s a lot of information, or at least a lot of stuff pretending to be information.

Here is another quote:

The study, published this week in the Science Express journal, stated that “if a single star is a bit of information, there’s a galaxy of information for every person in the world. But it’s still less than one percent of the information stored in all the DNA molecules of a human being.”

What blows me away is that with all the information stored in the world, it still doesn’t come close to the amount God stored in our DNA. It’s so obvious isn’t it, that we are just the result of a remarkably coincidental series of accidents.

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