Endless Possibilities – 2 Corinthians 1:23-2:4

There is at least one missing letter to the Corinthians. This is the letter Paul is referencing in 2:3 when he says, “when I wrote to you.” Apparently he wrote in this letter the things he would have said to them if he would have made the visit to Corinth. Paul says it was a difficult letter to write, written in despair and anguish. No doubt he was addressing some issues in the church very forthrightly.

It’s tough to say the difficult things to people. Some avoid this at all costs. Some will never have the hard conversation, challenging a person at the very heart of their walk with God. In an effort to not “hurt feelings” sometimes we miss the opportunity to share a way out of trouble. Paul doesn’t relish this, but he is willing to have the conversation. He does so not to condemn, but so that they might know the depth of his love.

Have you ever considered that saying the difficult thing to someone is an act of love? There are certainly ways to say hard things that communicate our love and ways that communicate judgment and anger. What are some strategies for saying something tough in love? Is there someone you need to talk to about actions, attitudes, beliefs, words that must be changed? Pray for the Lord to give you wisdom and strength.

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