Hello world!

Okay, so this is my youngest daughter, Courtney.  Been a while since she shaved.  🙂  Actually she is dressed up to play a part, I have no recollection who, at our VBS this past summer.  While the face may not show it, she really does get into this kind of stuff.

I pastor a great church on the north side of Houston in Spring.  We live in a township called Oak Ridge North.  My wife teaches Kindergarten at The Woodlands Christian Academy.  My two kids, Holley, 17, and Courtney, 16, go to Oak Ridge High School, play in the band, and provide endless entertainment for their parents.  They are great kids who work hard, get good grades, love the Lord and drive like maniacs (not really ORN police, I’m just kidding).  But if you see a red Dodge Durango or a white and blue Jeep CJ-7 I would advise you keep your distance.

I’m starting to write this wondering if I’ll keep it up.  I’m really not much of a writer, more of a talker, but I would like to put a few things down in cyberspace so we’ll see how it goes.

1 thought on “Hello world!

  1. It just so happens we know a few ORN police officers. Compadres Texas Cafe on Hanna Road is owned and operated by Chief Andy Walters and his wife Cora, who runs it. The “force” eats there regularly as do we. So maybe you need to go in and “acquaint” yourself with them BEFORE having them show an interest in your driving???!!! They really are a cool bunch! Cora’s son Ezekiel graduated from ORHS this year and went right into the Marines.

    P.S. Nice duds Courtney!

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